what are we all about

RainyGames is an international indie gaming studio based in the US and UK.

Our studio mission is to challenge conventional genre norms by creating innovative video games. We aim to foster diversity and community through empathetic fiction, self expression, and harmony.

RainyGames got our start in 2021 after a successful Kickstarter campaign for our first title: SunnySide. Over time, the SunnySide team continued to grow, and RainyGames registered as an official company in Texas in August of ’21.

Lead by Siavash (Rainy) Shahlaei and Sydney Stockdale, our goal is to maintain a transparent and honest company that puts the players ahead of profits while always making a point to speak out for those with smaller or quieter voices. We want our studio to be synonymous with inclusion, empathy, community, and self-discovery, and believe that video games are more than just a fun past time or hobby, but rather are beautiful pieces of art that can and will heavily impact the lives of all those who interact with them. Similar to how an excellent song can move you to emotion or how a movie can cause you to see your life from a different perspective, so too can video games be life changing. For this reason, every project at RainyGames will always come from the heart.