frequently asked questions

This page answers some of the frequently asked questions about SunnySide.

How do I get access to the game?

Short Answer: Pre-Orders and Alpha are now closed. 

Long Answer: Our KickStarter campaign ended back in February of ‘21. All the rewards from that campaign are locked. Pre-Orders ended on January 24, 2022 at 12pm Noon GMT
- Pre-Orders and Alpha are now closed.
- Alpha Ended on April 05, 2022, at 12pm Noon GMT

I would like to make an adjustment to my pre-order

Short Answer: Email Backerkit

Long Answer:This is best done by emailing Backerkit. They'll have an easier time of making any adjustments you need, simply by virtue of understanding the backend system better than we do. This includes adding items, removing items, upgrading to Early Access, or having it removed, changing platform... etc.

How does Early Access Work?
  • If you decide to purchase Early Access (EA) you had access to the Backerkit Alpha from February 14, 2022 to April 05, 2022. You'll receive access again with the Beta in October, 2022.
  • The Beta will be on Steam (Windows, PC) regardless of what platform you purchased for. There will be no EA on Consoles.
  • The Beta will run for a limited time (length TBD, but at least a month).
  • You will receive your Steam key through whatever email address you use to pre-order, and said email will have specific instruction for how to redeem your key accurately. It’s not just any other Steam key, so please read and follow these directions closely.
  • Anyone who has Early Access, whether it was through our Influencer Event, Kickstarter, or Backerkit, will receive new access (with a new key sent to email) to the Beta version of SunnySide when it is released later this year. Date TBD. Alpha saves will not carry over to the Beta.

PLEASE NOTE  If you pre-order for console (Switch, PlayStation, Xbox), with Early Access, you will not be getting a full version of the game on PC, but rather PC access during EA, then full release on console. If you would like to play the fully released game on PC as well as Console you will need to purchase both. 

Where can I sign up for closed testing (Summer playtest)? 

Short Answer: You can Sign up here:
Long Answer: Anyone who signed up for SunnySide Early Access will have priority to these playtests. All those given access after will be on a first come, first served basis. Dates have not been chosen yet for the Playtests.

Will SunnySide be released on Mobile/Mac/PS4/Switch etc.?

Short Answer: PC (Steam), Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and XBOX

Long Answer: At this time, there are no plans to release SunnySide on Mobile or Mac.  We will try for Steam Deck, but no promises.
We do plan to release on PC and Switch in November of 2022, with PlayStation and Xbox to follow soon after. We are looking into other platforms, but have no concrete plans yet. 

What does SunnySide’s production timeline look like?
  • October, 2021 - Steam Page 
  • October, 2021 through January 1, 2022 - Influencer Alpha
  • December 22, 2021 – Alpha Access for KickStarter EA Backers 
  • February 14, 2022 – Alpha Access for Bakerkit EA Orders

This is everything that has happened so far. For the time being, we have removed the future timeline until we are more sure of release dates. 

I have an idea for SunnySide, where can I share that?

Firstly, please keep in mind that SunnySide is still in active development and has mostly been planned out already. It is very possible that your idea may be something that we’ve already planned but want to keep a surprise. However, if you would still like to share your idea, we certainly welcome it! We ask that you use our bug reporting site, RainyBugs, to do so. You’ll be able to see if someone else has already made the suggestion and can upvote or comment on other ideas.

Will SunnySide have controller support?

Short Answer:Yes.

Long Answer: Because we are releasing to console, we plan to have full controller support for the PC version of the game. 

Is there a place I can play a demo or try out the game?

Short Answer: No.

Long Answer: SunnySide is currently in Alpha and pre-orders have ended. Public access won’t open up again until full release, and we have no plan to add a demo to the Steam Page.

Will there be mod support once SunnySide is released?

Short Answer:Yes.

Long Answer: We love the modding community and have every intention of supporting it. You can discuss more about modding in our Discord server.

Can I romance whoever I want in SunnySide?

Short Answer: No.

Long Answer: It is very important to us that we make a couple statements about sexuality in cultures other than Western ones, and give a voice to those marginalized communities in any way that we can.  In order to do this, we need to lock NPC sexuality, as homosexuality can’t exist if NPC’s don’t have a preference. Is it unfortunate for people who want to romance a character that isn't attracted to them? Yes. Does it break some of the freedom that other games like Stardew have? Yes. But please know that we are doing it with very specific intentions, and that it isn't about making the game more realistic or being easier to program. In fact, it's a million times harder to implement. And we had to create an entirely new and complicated gender system to go with it. But we think it's going to be worth it in the end. We didn't want to create some kind of utopia where sexual preference doesn't matter, but rather a place where preferences are recognized, appreciated, and welcomed.

From Rainy (Game Director):

"Unfortunately, it's not something so simple that we can delegate it to a toggle. The gender system is going to be very much intertwined into the story of the individuals of SunnySide, and even if it could be changed via a mod the story and dialogues won't make much sense or hit the notes we're hoping to hit. It was a pretty hard decision to make in the first place, but we decided we couldn't tell very relatable stories (including topics such as gender fluidity or the struggles of personal identity) without locking the sexualities. Our reason behind it isn't to cater to absolutely everyone or pander, it is simply to tell real life, human stories.

I also wanted to add that the system isn't as locked or super-specific as one might imagine, it's a lot more relaxed, and only in extreme gender identity choices (either end of the spectrum of our gender slider) is when you might find yourself with fewer choices than others. The NPCs of SunnySide don't have absolute specific gender preferences but more of a range and the more of your gender identity range overlaps with their preference, the easier time you have romancing them.

One last note: Romance and Friendship are two separate values in this game, meaning even if you don't have any attraction towards a character, you can still fully go through their stories and become their best friend. This also helps if you're already in a relationship with a character but would like to become best friends with someone else. You don't have to sacrifice one for the other."

How does the Gender System work?

Short Answer: Gender, body shape, clothes, and hair are all completely separate from one another. Gender and body shape are on sliders.

Long Answer: Because of our sexuality system, we needed to have some kind of gender identity in game. However, we realize (and appreciate) that gender isn’t exactly binary. We decided the best way to allow the player the most agency was to create a gender system that sat on a sliding scale, rather than an “either/or” situation. This gender slider ranges from Female to Male, with a whole lot of options in between. We understand it’s not perfect. But we’ve tried very hard to be as inclusive to everyone as possible, regardless of where you sit on the spectrum. 

We would also like to point out that this gender system is not connected to anything else in character creation. There are no pronouns, body shape is on a separate slider, and all clothing and hair will work for all characters. You be you. 

Will SunnySide include Polyamory?

Short Answer: No.

Long Answer: We understand that there is a large polyamory community, and that it is absolutely a viable lifestyle/ sexuality in the real world. That being said, it's simply not an option for the way that romance has been planned in SunnySide. Even if only a few characters were available as polyamorous options, the amount of coding, planning, and resourcing to make it work right is just something we aren't currently capable of tackling as a studio. This doesn't mean we aren't aware of this community or their needs as gamers, or that it isn't possible, but simply that we, as a studio, just aren't there yet. You have our apologies.

What kind of PC will I need to run SunnySide?

You can check SunnySide's minimum and recommended PC specs over on our steam page. If you're still unsure or need help, please check the tech-support channel over at our Discord server.

Will SunnySide have Co-op / Multi player? How will it work? Can I romance my friends?

Short Answer: Yes. After release.

Long Answer: Multiplayer was a stretch goal for the KickStarter campaign, so it will definitely be an option, but it's going to be a little bit before that happens, likely sometime after full release. Because we are sort of putting it off until later, we can't really answer any other questions about it yet other than that it will be online multiplayer and include up to 4 players.

What kind of animals will be in the game?

As of right now we have 9 different farm animals, 6 pets, and 6 wild animals planned, each with multiple color variations. All farm animals will be female, and breeding animals won’t be available in the base game.

Will there be a battle system?

Short Answer: Yes. It will be a Turn Based system.

Long Answer: SunnySide combat will take place in the caves near town, and will be heavily impacted by the narrative of the story. SunnySide is a JRPG, so our combat system won’t be like what you’ve experienced in a lot of other farm games. We’ve also chosen to use a turn based combat system, heavily influenced by the Persona series.

Will SunnySide have Voice Acting?

Short Answer: We hope.

Long Answer: This is something we are still debating. We would love to add voices to the various Citizens of SunnySide, but ultimately, it’s going to come down to money and interest. If you or someone you know are interested in being considered for a VA part, please email with a demo reel, and she’ll get back to you if we ever decide to take that route.

Will there be death in SunnySide?

Short answer: No.

Long Answer: NPCs and animals will not die (but sometimes animals may go missing if you don’t keep them safe) However, death will be mentioned often through backstory and various quests in the game.

Is there somewhere that I can learn more about the development of SunnySide?

Our Discord will continue to be the best place to receive up to date information about development, but if you’re interested in a more in depth or consolidate look into production, check out our live streams and Kickstarter Updates.

Can you pet the dog?

Short Answer: Yes.

Long Answer: All animals can be pet. In the Alpha version, only your own animals can be pet.

How does time work in SunnySide?

We haven’t nailed down a pace just yet (still testing) but SunnySide will not be a real time game like Animal Crossing. Your character will be awake from 6 am to 2 am by default in the base game (Alpha is only until Midnight), with the ability to nap periods of time away.

Where can I listen to the SunnySide OST

Right now, all of the tracks we’ve made public are available to listen to on SoundCloud.

How much with the full version of SunnySide cost?

We haven’t pinned down a number yet, but likely around $30 or $35 USD. We will aim for regional pricing, but can’t make any promises just yet.

Is there a way I can give money to support the development of SunnySide?

There is! And we absolutely appreciate your kindness, generosity, and for believing in us and our mission to create an excellent game for you all!

Is there religion in SunnySide?

Short Answer: Japanese Shintoism only.

Long Answer: We will be discussing a lot of traditional Japanese religions and practices with a heavy emphasis on Shinto. All other religions will not be discussed, though potentially vaguely referenced. On a similar note, all holidays will be reflected as they are in Japan: either based on Japanese tradition or very secular and unrelated to religion at all.