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Original Character Models + Latest Updates

Latest on Devving

While we’ve been celebrating the success of the campaign, we’ve been hard at work cleaning, polishing and decluttering our code for a cleaner and more expandable foundation for the game. We’ve been optimising the hell out of it so that it can especially run smoothly on consoles like Nintendo Switch!

But one thing I’m most excited to share with you guys is that our character modeller has designed the base model of our masculine main character!! Here are some shots:

This should give you all a good sense of the art direction we’re taking with the characters and how much they’re inspired by Persona 5 in particular. While most farming games go with the more chibi style, we decided this would be the best style choice. It will fit the game perfectly both story-wise and thematically.


We’re planning to send the surveys to you guys between the 20th and 25th of this month. As mentioned before you will have the chance to upgrade your pledge for one last time, or add additional game keys for a much lower price. 

Pre-order Store

We are working on launching the Pre-order store on our own domain but for now, you can use our BackerKit store to pre-order the game. So if you or anyone you know wanted to get the game missed your opportunity of pledging, this would be the perfect place to pre-order the game for a lower price. You can pre-order on any console and even get yourself early access if you like! The sale will run for a limited time so get your copy before the price goes up back to normal!

We will also gradually add new items to the store as the development progresses. And for all of you mega fans, we’re working on launching a merch store very soon!!

Our Ko-fi page

Now if you’ve already pledged or just looking for a way to directly support the team further you can do so via our Ko-fi page. Some of you awesome people already donated to us and we’re so close to reaching that goal over there! So check it our if you want to fuel the development, and give us a lil boost. 


I know a lot of you’ve been looking forward to seeing more of the game, so I’m excited to announce that we’re going to be live every Friday at 9:00 PM GMT with live devving and weekly updates on everything we’ve been working on.

We’re so excited to show you the main character in-game and looking forward to seeing you all in the next stream. In the meantime, if you haven’t joined the Discord do it now! And get the latest updates on the game, as they roll out:

See you all in the next update!